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Since 1980, Confit de Provence has held a leading position in the French jam market, offering its clientele high quality raw materials, with a unique know-how and an excellent service.

Today, Confit de Provence produces more than 1,500 tonnes of organic, nutritional and traditional jams each year. The product is then distributed under its own trademark through many regional, national and international supermarkets and specialised channels, as well as for leading distributor brands.

With a daily output of 20.000 jars, Confit de Provence has what it takes to supply all of its 300 clients, may they be large or smaller. We can offer the expertise and flexibility that we excel at.

Company Background
Our Know-How

Our Profesionnal Fairs


Company Background

More than 30 years ago, Dominique Lepoutre decided to go one step further in his passion for Provence and to start making use of its ressources in order to get closer to the soil and its people.
He went into partnership with a friend of his, who was particularly imaginative and they started to sell his innovations : honey with dried fruits, spicy chocolates, flower flavoured sweets... Following that path, they realised how good was the quality of the nearby raw materials, specially the fruits. Very soon after that, they specialised in jam production, starting with the dietetics ones, then the organics kind as well as the traditionals. The jam business remained in the family as it is now Dominique’s son, Pascal, who is in charge of the company and carries on with the commitment with qualiy that his father had chosen decades ago...


  • 1980: The company was founded by Mr Dominique LEPOUTRE to produce and sell dried fruit and honey spreads.
  • 1989: Dietetic jams were developed.
  • 1994: First French jam maker to be certified to produce organic products.
  • 1999: Certified ISO 9002 V 94. Setting up of the HACCP.
  • 2000: FICHAUX INDUSTRIES, a coffee roasting group acquired a majority stake in Confit de Provence. The company changed its legal status from a limited liability company (SARL) to a ‘simplified’ company (SAS) with a capital of €552,000.
  • 2003: Certified ISO 9001 V 2000. 700m² extension for the addition of a cold room. CONFIT DE PROVENCE aquired the jams business of MARIUS BERNARD, which included the Vergers des Alpilles brand.
  • 2008: Creation of the FRUILLIANCE holding and buyout of the « Les 4 Saisons » company, located in Britany.
  • 2009:  Certified ISO 9001 V 2008. 360m² extension for storage. Implementation of a true ecological approach (photovoltaic panels, waste-sorting, water savings and waste-water treatment, etc.)
  • 2012: Creation of an Export Department hiring a dedicated person.


Our Know-How


Confit de Provence is a specialist of fruit transformation. The company diversifies its production by developing several ranges of jams. In the 'gourmet' range, you will find the brands: Vergers des Alpilles, Merveilles en Provence and Merveilles Boutique. We have two Organic Jams brands: Vergers BIO and Confit de Provence. And the Confiturelle brand is either a light jam (100% made out of fruit) either a fruit spread with less sugar than a traditional jam (65% of fruits). We also produce premium compotes with bits of fruits: Les Compotées and a range of chutneys called Les Confits Gourmands mixing sweet and savoury tastes.

The Traditional Range:

Carefully selected, the chosen fruits are cooked in a traditional way with cane sugar to create a jam with a unique taste. As a result, you can discover original mixtures of flavours that form the charm of our jams.

 The Nutritional Range
Confit de Provence uses all its expertise in the field of health and well-being to produce nutritional spreads 100% made out of fruits, with no added sugar; using only concentrated fruit juice, fructose and agave syrup.
These light jams can be found either as a conventional product : Confiturelle 100% or as an organic one called Confit de Provence 100%.
Following the same kind of concept, Confiturelle 65% of fruits is a range of original recipes with a higher content of fruit than a normal jam and thus a reduced concentration of carbohydrates. This combination greatly enhances the taste of the fruits and implies a lower sugar intake.
The Organic Range
Raw ingredients involved in the preparation of organic jams are certified by approved control bodies. Confit de Provence is certified by Bureau Veritas. Benefiting from over 30 years of experience, we have been able to develop partnerships with regional producers, cooperatives and wholesalers.


Made to order and toll-manufacturing

Thanks to its very responsive production line, Confit de Provence can both produce large series and very specific products based on customer requests.
The flexibility that is particular to small businesses allows Confit de Provence to consider new projects in collaboration with our customers. In addition to the products already available in our catalog, our R&D department is able to create new products, tailored to meet precise specifications.
Confit de Provence can also offer its services as a manufacturer. The plant produces some products for national and international private labels.



Around 15% of Confit de Provence turnover is made through exports.

As we intend to develop our international presence, the company is seeking to collaborate with new partners, may they be importers, wholesalers or distributors. We have the production capacity and the product differenciation that allow us to supply both specialized retailers (delicatessen stores, organic shops, etc.) and the mass market.

We already send our jams to Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.

Our products benefit from a few assets to be very successful abroad:

  • products of high quality, great taste recognized by all
  • carrying the image of France and Provence
  • an evolutive large catalogue and deep offer
  • our ability to create new products upon request
  • a nice packaging
  • healthy products (light and organic) with no food coloring or preservatives

Do you want to distribute Confit de Provence products abroad?

The Exports Service will help and accompany you in the approach. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


Our Profesionnal Fairs

Confit de Provence participates to each session of the SIAL and NATEXPO international fairs. Don't hesitate to ask for an invitation and come meet us on our booth! You will find more information about these events and our booth number on the News section of this website.

We also participate to professional showrooms directed to all the French major retailers, in collaboration with the FEEF.



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