Vergers des Alpilles

Extra Jams with cane sugar

Vergers des Alpilles


A rigourous quality control:
Baked in a cauldron, our jams are made from a rigourous quality-based selection of fruits and are the object of a selective quality control on the production line at each step of the production process.

New in 2015 !

(jars of 270g)

These authentic and genuine delicacies have long delighted most of us! Ideal with yogurts, ice creams and for cake filling or to toast on pancakes, brioches, waffles, bread...  
Milk specialities, creamy blend of fresh milk and sugar, with a fine taste of milky caramel. Very low concentration of fat and high input of calcium.

The temptation is great ... and so is the enjoyment! In a shot-glass desserts or topping a poached fruit or an apple pie, etc.

  • BBD*: 3 years
  • Sugar Content: 62%
  • Net Weight: 370g (also available in 750g jars)
  • Distribution Channel (in France): hyper/supermarkets

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