Confiturelle 100% made out of fruits

Light Jam - original mixes of fruits

Confiturelle 100% made out of fruits
Confiturelle 100% is a light jam with a reduced carbohydrates content.

It contains about 40% less calories than a normal jam.

With these recipes, you can rediscover the fruits as a source of beneficial effects, combining pleasure, taste, fitness and health.

The best fruit associations for original mixes:
Only fruits = great taste!

  • BBD*: 2 years
  • Net Weight: 290g
  • Distribution Channel (in France): hyper/supermarkets
Nutritional Facts for 100g:
  • Energy:             155 to 160 kcal or 670 to 685 kjoules
  • Calories:           0,2g
  • Carbohydrates: 38g
  • Fiber:                1,g to 2,6g
  • Protein:             0,5 to 0,8g
  • Salt :                 <0,07g

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