Say it with jams...

Say it with jams...

Our jams + your talent = those adorable Valentine sablés...

Baking 10 pieces

1 egg
125 g sugar
1 pack vanilla sugar
fine sugar
250 g flour
1 pinch of salt
125 g soft butter
1 heart shape cutter middle size and 1small size
4 red fruits jam or raspberry jam or strawberry jam from Confit de Provence

Beat egg and sugar until it becomes white. Add flour and salt. Beat until you get a sandy dough. Add butter and mix until the dough turns smooth and homogeneous. Wrapp the dough in a plastic film and let it in the fridge for 1 hour. Preheat your oven at 180°C ( 356°F).

Roll out the dough (+ or - 3 mm). Cut big hearts with the bigger cutter. Keep half of the big hearts and hollow the other half with the small cutter. You now have big hearts, big hearts with a heart shape hole and small hearts.
Put the hearts on a baking sheet covered with non stick paper and let it cook for 15 mn. The cookies must stay light gold. Let it cool down.

When cold, sprinkle some fine sugar over the hearts with the hole. Spread a teaspoon of jams over the heart shape cookies and put the sugar sprinkled heart on the top. Et voilàààà....
Regarding the small hearts...what...? you haven't eaten them all already?

Isn't it love ?

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