A classic ... revisited !

A classic ... revisited !
For 4 people:
- 1 filet of duck breast: skim the fat off it and cut it into small aiguillettes
- 2 small turnips
- 1 tbsp. of duck fat
- Coriander leaves (for presentation)
- 8 bread slices (without the crust)
Peel and cut the turnips rather thinly. Dip the slices in boiling water to blanch them and refresh immediately. Set them aside.
Heat the duck fat and fry the duck breast (medium rare). Add salt and pepper and set aside. In the same frying pan, fry the turnips in the duck fat for a few minutes (they should remain firm and color a little). Detail the duck breast into smaller pieces.
Spread 2 slices of bread with a layer of Mango Confit and arrange the pieces of duck, add the turnip slices and cover with a second slice of bread. Roast in the croque-monsieur apparatus.

For the presentation cut the toasts into two triangles, add some coriander leaves and a bit of mesclun.
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