Sugar content jams...What does the law say ?

 Sugar content jams...What does the law say ?
In a long article dedicated to jam, professional magazine Le monde de l'Epicerie Fine  reminds the legislation to which the jam-manufacterers must submit on the sugar content of their products. At a time when the " eat less sugar " is widely acclaimed , it is worth recalling the law.
" Sugar content: the content of soluble dry matter jam , extra jam, jelly , extra jelly , marmalade and jelly marmalade determined by refractometer must be equal to or greater than 55%. It is 75 % minimum for creams of nuts other than chestnut and 60 % minimum for the chestnut , prune cream , candied petals , candied candied fruit and grape jelly to fruits. These levels of soluble dry matter does not apply to products which sugars have been wholly or partially replaced by sweeteners .
Source: website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Directorate General for Competition , Consumption and Fraud"


News added on : March 27, 2014 at 3:41 PM
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